Life-Centered Financial Planning Essentials:  The Six Core and Intangible Values that Your Clients Want and Need

If your goal is to bring value that cannot be commoditized, you need to understand the six core and intangible values your clients want and need that only life-centered financial advisors can deliver:

    Organization: You help bring order to your client’s financial life.
    Accountability: You help clients follow through on their financial commitments (you help them stick to the plan).
    Objectivity: You provide external insight that helps clients avoid emotionally driven decisions in important money matters.
    Proactivity: You help clients anticipate the key transitions in their lives so that you will be financially prepared for them.
    Education: You educate clients on the specific knowledge they need to succeed in their specific situation.
    Partnership: You work with your clients to help them achieve the best life possible.

Each quantum leap in the financial services sector has introduced new disciplines into the financial discussion. In the leap forward from sales transactions to asset management and asset allocation, risk-profiling tools were introduced. In the leap forward from asset management to financial planning, probability analysis, goals inquiry, and more comprehensive discovery tools were introduced into the discussion. In the leap forward into life-centered financial planning, life-transition tracking tools, financial satisfaction, and fiscal philosophy and behavioral tools have been (and continue to be) developed to help clients merge their money and lives.

Clients are looking for professionals who will keep the promises they make—and the profession is seeking a value proposition it can.

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