Jesus gave wonderfully radical guidance toward the conscientious management of the material, including money. His financial advice is guaranteed to liberate your innermost being. What is His bottom line regarding wealth?  We are free to earn it, multiply it, give it, manage it, and to live without financial anxiety. This last freedom is the greatest freedom of all: making your money decisions by following your heart. But first your heart must be educated on the snares, false promises, and distractions money presents to us. Listening to God, Man, and Mammon, you’ll learn about Jesus’s fiscal philosophy in plain and comprehendible terms. In a series of practical and engaging conversations, this audio explores:

  • the tension and influence money exerts on our daily lives,
  • the power God offers to make us truly rich,
  • our accountability in money matters in the final accounting, and
  • the possibilities for transforming our world and transforming our hearts.

Whatever your view of Jesus may be—great teacher, leader, wise-one, iconoclast, or savior of the world—you owe it to yourself to hear His lessons in this inescapably important aspect of our lives. It is important to understand that Jesus was not against people having money—but He was vehemently against money having people. God, Man, and Mammon challenges you to investigate, in earnest, the financial philosophy Jesus laid before us—and to see in a matter of weeks or months, if you do not find yourself in better shape financially, emotionally and spiritually.

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