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A Money Dialogue With The Late Dick Wagner

Originally posted at by Mitch Anthony, May 1, 2022. I was recently going through my archives and came across some recordings I had done with Dick Wagner almost 15 years ago for a recording [...]

The Real Assets Under Management

Originally posted at by Mitch Anthony, March 1, 2022. During the past year and a half (and counting), I don’t know anyone whose life hasn’t been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of us [...]

The ExperiCorps Experiment

Originally posted at by Mitch Anthony, May 1, 2021. Last year I was approached by two professionals with an interesting idea for a social experiment with retirees. One of the men was a serial [...]

The Hands of Time

Originally posted at by Mitch Anthony, March 1, 2021. What does the clock say, Bapa?” asked my granddaughter Aryela for the third time in the last minute. “It says 4:42, honey.” We were dyeing [...]

The Tenets Of Transformation

Originally posted at by Mitch Anthony, December 1, 2020. What do you do when you find yourself succeeding financially but it just doesn’t seem like enough? When you want to practice real financial planning [...]

How Much is “Enough”?

Life-Centered Financial Planning Essentials: How Much is “Enough”? What’s the ultimate aim of a financial planner, specifically one who is practicing life-centered financial planning? Contrary to what the industry would have everyone believe, it’s not [...]

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