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Mitch Anthony, a leading pioneer in Financial life planning, Retirement coaching and Life-centered planning,  has established himself as the go-to source for training and coaching for the Life-centered practitioner. With his books, Masters level college courses and state of the art coaching programs Mitch and his partner, Steve Sanduski are leading the profession in helping advisors to assist clients toward a greater RETURN ON LIFE.

The Retirement Coaching Program equips advisors with powerful dialogues from Mitch Anthony’s perennial industry best-seller, The New Retirementality (now in its 4th edition). Advisors learn how to lead clients in the all-important qualitative and life-style discussions that will have just as great a bearing on their quality of life as having the right level of assets. Marketing tools and content and clients seminars are also included in the Retirement Coaching Program.

The ROL (Return on Life) Advisor Coaching Program is for the financial professional who wants to establish a Life-centered value proposition and build client relationships with lasting impact. This program, also developed with Steve Sanduski includes cutting edge discovery technology, monthly training and coaching sessions, blog content, and connection with a community of aspirational and inspirational advisors who put client’s well-being in life first and foremost in their practices.

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Attendees and Readers

The clients and prospects that were in attendance all had favorable responses to your material. Among the prospects in attendance more than 50% of them appear to be willing to continue with the process, continue to use my team to discover a new Retirementality.

I appreciate your work greatly, I believe that your work will continue to help me provide a true value to those that choose to work with me. I also realize that the learning, the education that you provided me gave me a renewed confidence that we are able to do very important work.

Andy Sinsigalli, CFP®, Wealth Management Advisor
First, I just wanted to let you know we have started implementing your retirement coaching program into our advisory practice and so far the feedback has been tremendous. It’s be very rewarding having conversation with clients that go far beyond market performance and the lasting impact for these clients has been obvious. We have really enjoyed utilizing this program in our practice and look forward to this playing a big role in our services for many years to come!
Nicholas Rose

“First of all I want to thank you for providing us with this coaching experience. I truly believe it’s going to have a tremendous impact on our clients and separate us from the pack.”

Bob Bove, Stratos Wealth Partners

The retirement coaching workshop offers an excellent perspective to any financial planner who is seeking to provide certainty to his clients who are about to retire. Mitch and Steve have developed a workshop that allows financial planners to link the financial and non financial conversation with pre retirees to add value to their ongoing service relationship.If you are captivated by a growing realization that managing money adds no enduring value into the lives of your clients, then come to grips with that reality and break free by listening to Mitch and Steve.

Steven B. Goldstein, MBA, CFP®, CRPC®, RICP®
The nature of retirement is changing and the content and tools in the Retirement Coaching Program help us stay on top of these changes and add great value to our clients.
Paula Harris
Allow me to be prescriptive – do the Retirement Coaching Program. Why? It will enrich your life, your clients’ lives and, surely, contribute to your practice!
Ettienne Vorster

“My team has been number one team in Canada for 3 years straight!  I am currently the number one advisor in Canada (out of 4,000).  I wanted to express my sincerest gratitude for your inspiration. Your books have taught me a lot and I sincerely appreciate that.”

Shafik Hirani, Director , Investors Group Financial Services

“We’ve been trying to exemplify the life centered planning model that you propose as the new paradigm.  We must be doing something right.  We have brought in over 20 million in new assets so far this year.  I am working as much as I ever have, but more from home, and on the hours that I choose.  Life is good.”

Anthony J. Parr  CFP®, Managing Director, The Parr Financial Group of Wells Fargo Advisors
“I have used your books and DVD’s during participant 401(k) educational meetings… The Dr. Seuss format is terrific and works well… It gives me a chance to discuss important financial concepts in a fun way.”
Robert E. Jamison, Jamison Financial Services

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