“Very introspective.” — Workshop attendee

The risk conversations of the past are no longer enough for today.

When we think of risk tolerance, we immediately think of investments, as if that is the only risk clients face. The reality is, investment risk is just one of the many risks that clients face and should not be the first priority in solving the risk puzzle.

Across the financial services landscape, risk conversations are too constricted, too compartmentalized, too product-driven, and improperly prioritized. Insurance professionals talk about catastrophic risk, bankers talk about debt risk, advisors talk about investment risk, but the biggest risk of all––event risk—barely receives a mentionEvent risk matters because our money goes in motion when our life goes in transition.

In PREPARE OR REPAIR? THE HOLISTIC RISK CONVERSATION, Mitch introduces a life-centered conversation that covers the four bases of risk in the proper order:

  • catastrophic risk
  • spending risk
  • investment risk
  • event risk

Advisors will learn to frame the risk conversation with clients in a philosophically sound order:

  1. Catastrophic risk: Providing for our family in case of tragedy;
  2. Spending risk: Not creating greater risk with our financial choices;
  3. Investment risk: Investing wisely; and
  4. Event risk: Planning for life’s changes and transitions.

Advisors will become more adept at safeguarding their clients’ futures, and clients will learn that it is better to PREPARE than to REPAIR!


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