The advisor’s first interest should not be the value of the portfolio, but the values that created the portfolio.

There are three powerful forces influencing the movement of money either toward or away from the financial professional. Making connections by tapping into these forces will ensure clients for life.

  1. Intellectual: the force that causes clients to feel valued, understood and important in the advisor’s eyes.
  2. Life: the force that makes life events important to clients—the one that can also have an impact on their money decisions.
  3. Emotional: the force that connects advisors to clients—the one that can close the door on all competitors.

In the advisor/client relationship, it is what we do not know about our clients that can jeopardize prospective and long-term clients alike. Mitch will inspire advisors and provide them with the tools necessary to have more meaningful—and productive—conversations. Audience members will walk away with fresh ideas on how to turn prospects into lifelong clients, as well as how to develop stronger and more fruitful relationships with existing clients.


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