Your Client’s Story


Know Your Clients and the Rest Will Follow
by Scott West and Mitch Anthony

Second Edition

Want to create client connections that won’t be broken?

Scott West and Mitch Anthony spent more than three years studying financial advisors who managed 100 percent of their clients’ assets. What Scott and Mitch found was eye opening: the most successful advisors had mastered an innate ability to get their clients to tell them their stories.

When these advisors asked clients about their stories, those clients felt interesting, important—and listened to. As a result, they shared much more than they would have by simply answering questions on a checklist. Advisors gained both an appreciation, and a deeper understanding, for the individual they were working with. The empathetic connection became so powerful that it was next to impossible for any competitor to come between that advisor and their client.

The second edition of this perennial favorite includes:

  • Tools and ideas for starting client conversations
  • The use of dialogues to assist you in learning more about your clients
  • An approach for integrating your client’s unique circumstances, transitions, and goals into a winning financial plan

Your Client’s Story shows you how to use the gathering of stories as an essential part of your practice. As a result, you’ll stand out in a crowded field and bring a sense of life and excitement to your business as you’ve never experienced before.

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What People Are Saying...

“Thanks for your book, Your Client’s Story. Each chapter is like a gift that helps me.”

—Dan Keith


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