The Bean is not Green (Book)


by Mitch Anthony
Illustrations by Greg Wimmer
(Hardcover, Color throughout)

Can’t convince your clients that they’re in a marathon, not a sprint? According to a Dalbar study, investors don’t have the patience to stay invested for more than a few years.

Chances are your clients are feeling frustrated by the market’s rollercoaster fluctuations. Despite your recommendations, are they buying high and selling low because they’re impatient? How can you educate your clients to accept that investing requires a long-term outlook?

The Bean is not Green delivers a powerful message in an entertaining way: it takes time and patience to grow your investments. If your clients are having a hard time holding on despite your advice, The Bean is not Green is the perfect way to get your message across in a fun and entertaining way. Instead of a mug or calendar this year, how about giving a gift that will lead to a fruitful conversation?

This book is the second in Mitch Anthony’s three-volume series, Financial Lit-Kit Collection.

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What People Are Saying...

“We love The Bean is not Green and plan to order a bunch. Mitch Anthony is the Dr. Seuss of financial planning!”
—Lewis J. Walker CFP® Life Transitions Advisors LLC

“…a gem for the profession. It will make a great gift for our clients and prospects.”
—Marc S. Freedman CFP®, President/CEO, Freedman Financial Associates, Inc.


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