by Mitch Anthony and Paul Armson

Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

All too often, financial planning is reduced to dollars and cents, when it’s actually about the people behind the numbers. In Life Centered Financial Planning: How to Deliver Value That Will Never Be Under­valued, clients’ lives are put back at the forefront of financial planning with a life centered guide for financial planners that brings tremendous value to clients and their families.

This book is a reminder to financial planners that what matters most to their clients is not the size of their portfolio but the life opportunities that their money affords them. Life Centered Financial Planning shows financial planners how to put a client’s life at the very center of their service proposition—and in the process help their clients to get the best life pos­sible with the money they have. Readers of this book will make themselves indis­pensable to the clients they serve.

Life Centered Financial Planning is written in three parts:

Part One analyzes the industry’s focus on assets-under-management metrics and incessant product pushing. It advocates for a return to a truly client-centered service.

Part Two discusses how advisors can shift their financial planning practices to ones based on life centered planning. We examine the soft skills necessary to really engage with your clients and teach you to focus on the values that really matter in your clients’ lives.

Part Three looks to the future of financial planning and challenges readers to envision a trusted financial planning profession that puts life first, money second.

The book provides a blueprint for any experienced or aspiring financial planner who hopes to grow and improve their practice. Life Centered Financial Planning is an indispensable guide to making yourself invaluable to your clients.

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