Life-Centered Financial Planning Essentials:  The Only Context Clients Care About

With life-centered financial planning, “life” is the point, the objective, the logical conclusion, and the only context that clients care about. It’s about getting your eyes off the numbers and your ears on their stories. Progress is measured by the impact their money has on their lives, not AUM or market performance—the latter will follow if the former is achieved.
If your key value propositions can be replicated by software, algorithms, and artificial intelligence, then you are at the mercy of the market and what it is willing to pay—a number that is decreasing each year. You become a commodity instead of an asset.
Asset allocation, rebalancing, fund selection, and comparative research are a few obvious examples of irreversibly eroded value propositions that once paid the bills for planners. They’re important, but they’re also something that any advisor can provide.
Let’s look at what clients really want from their advisor:
  1. Comprehension of context. You understand and appreciate their story—where they’ve been, and where they’re headed.
  2. Narrative and understanding. You want to know what their experiences with money and investing have been, good and bad.
  3. Emotional connectivity. You “get it” and “get them.”
    While the mechanics of managing your clients’ assets is important, your ability to provide a plan that is centered on their unique goals, transitions, and circumstances is what will set you apart from other advisors—and machines.
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