Life-Centered Financial Planning Essentials: Focusing on the Purpose of Your Client’s Money

Traditional financial planning has mostly been focused on helping clients make and save more money. But lost in the shuffle is their money’s purpose. The Return on Life™ (ROL) Manifesto is a way life-centered financial advisors can help clients understand the underlying value in life-centered financial planning:
  1. Money is simply a tool—it is not the goal, and it is not an end.
  2. Comparative measures are neither helpful nor necessary in making progress.
  3. Progress must be personalized.
  4. The primary measure of success is Return on Life (ROL).
  5. How I am compensated is a matter of absolute transparency.
  6. I can provide quality and value to a limited number of clients.
  7. We are stewards of wealth, not owners.
  8. The greatest value I can bring to my clients is to bridge their means with their meaning.
  9. I will not entrust my clients’ well-being to anyone who does not put my clients’ interests ahead of their own.
  10. A life-centered financial advisor has a calling, not a job.
    Share The Return on Life™ Manifesto with your clients to show them your commitment and value.
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