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Summer Reading 2014, Part 2: Top Picks on Amazon

Finished your beach reading yet? Our Summer Reading List was so popular that we put together a sequel. Here are 10 of the top‐rated books for financial advisors on Amazon.com. Enjoy these helpful titles on a getaway ‐‐ whether it’s on the beach or on a business trip. ‐‐Editorial Staff

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  1. Storyselling for Financial Advisors: How Top Producers Sell

By Scott West and Mitch Anthony

“The best ideas are the simplest. Storyselling for Financial Advisors by Scott West and Mitch Anthony provides an easy to use method to communicate important, but often confusing concepts to your client.” ‐‐ James S. Putnam, now a member of the board of directors for LPL Financial

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  1. The Million‐Dollar Financial Advisor: Powerful Lessons and Proven Strategies from Top Producers

By David J. Mullen Jr.

“A must‐read for any financial sales professional who desires to be among the top in his field. Dave Mullen has once again applied his experiences with training successful financial advisors and drawn on his vast network of top achievers to produce a compendium of best practices for this profession. Whether a rookie or seasoned financial advisor, the reader will be encouraged to improve her business by Dave’s insights into the habits and strategies of the elite of this industry.” ‐‐ Edward J. Fetner III, first vice president of wealth management at Merrill Lynch, Charleston, S.C.

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  1. Questions Great Financial Advisors Ask…and Investors Need to Know

By Alan Parisse

“If you ask a group of FAs what they would like to do better at, asking the right questions comes up all the time. If you ask the right questions closing business seems more natural and you allow the client to see the logic in your solutions quickly. After reading this book I am convinced this book will help any salesperson (specifically in the financial services arena) and this could be one of the most valuable books you read.” ‐‐ Robert Kirk, branch manager at Charles Schwab, Reno, Nev.

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  1. The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors

By Matthew Halloran and Crystal Thies

“If you are a Financial Planner or in the field, you should get this book. It will help solidify the world of social media within your practice.” ‐‐ Colby Van Sickler, wealth advisor and charitable planning specialist at EFC Advisors, Arlington, Texas.

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  1. Succession Planning for Financial Advisors: Building an Enduring Business

By David Grau Sr.

“At long last, a comprehensive, fact‐based, and deeply insightful guide to overcoming excuses and giving all that is needed to build an enduring business. David Grau Sr. and the FP Transitions Team give a compelling account of a critical topic at a time that has never been more important, nor the need greater. The very essence of the independent advisor business is on the line. Clients, staff, and family members deserve a thoughtful approach and plan to ensure that their needs will be met and the true value of a life dedicated to helping others is celebrated through a long‐lasting legacy of continuing to provide much needed independent advice.” ‐‐ Robert J. Moore, president at LPL Financial, San Diego,


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  1. The New Financial Advisor

By Nick Murray

“As a seasoned financial advisor with 20 years of experience, I sure wish this book was around when I started out. Mr. Murray would have saved me many years of pain. That being said, the words on the pages aren’t nearly as effective unless you take action. If you are starting out in the business or have been at it awhile and would like to get to the next level (I’m not implying just making more money but rather working with the types of people you want), buy the book.” ‐‐ Richard Fingerman, managing partner and co‐founder of Financial Planning Solutions, Newton Center, Mass.

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  1. The E‐Myth Financial Advisor: Why Most Financial Advisor Practices Don’t Work and What to Do

About It

By Michael E. Gerber and Michael Steranka

“For several years, I’ve enjoyed reading Michael Gerber’s work. So much so that I actually keep several copies of the E‐Myth in my office at all times as gifts for my self‐employed clients. It sheds light on the myth of the “entrepreneur.” In this version Michael again sheds light on what advisors, who think they’re entrepreneurs, need to do to enjoy owning a business, rather than owning a job. I liked it, as I knew I would.” ‐‐Kevin Bourke, founder of Bourke Wealth Management, Santa Barbara, Calif.


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  1. Effort‐less Marketing for Financial Advisors

By Steve Moeller

“If you are interested in developing a fee‐based financial planning practice and want to get away from traditional mass‐marketing approaches, this book is for you. Steve Moeller presents a step‐by‐step approach on how you can develop this type of practice. The key is to develop a more client‐centered approach to doing business whereby you attract the types of clients you want rather than “advertising” for them. Steve shows you how to do this. Steve’s emphasis on building a better quality life for clients and advisors by focusing on what is really important in our lives struck a chord with me. Highly recommended!” ‐‐ Mark G. Cook, financial advisor at Ameriprise Financial, Overland Park, Kan.

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  1. Ineffective Habits of Financial Advisors (and the Disciplines to Break Them): A Framework for Avoiding the Mistakes Everyone Else Makes

By Steve Moore

“I was angry with Steve the first day I met him because he made me confront the way I’d been doing things for 15 years. Six years later, I can say it was exactly what I needed. Steve’s insight and guidance have transformed the lives of my clients, family, and team. I will be forever grateful to Steve and the insight he offers in this transformational book.” ‐‐Keith Spengel, wealth management advisor with Spengel Financial of Northwestern Mutual, McHenry, Ill.

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  1. The Financial Advisor’s Ultimate Stress Mastery Guide: 77 Proven Prescriptions to Build Your Resilience

By Jack Singer

“If there are two things I know it is “being a financial advisor”, and sadly, “being under stress.” In other words, this book was written for me. Jack Singer brings an extraordinary style and prose to the subject of how financial advisors can manage their stress level more effectively, and, surprise surprise, it is all within our control !! Most stress is behavioral ‐ meaning, self‐induced, and not a mere by‐product of market conditions. Dr. Singer gives real life solutions that stem from a real life diagnosis. I cannot recommend this book enough.” ‐‐ David Bahnsen, wealth advisor, managing director and senior portfolio manager with the Bahsen Group at Morgan Stanley, Newport Beach, Calif.

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