The Department of Personal Financial Planning in the College of Human Sciences at Texas Tech presents the Life Centered Financial Planning certificate.

Industry pioneer Mitch Anthony, founder of the Financial Life Planning Institute, developed the curriculum to teach both the personal skill sets and discovery methodologies, according to a news release. Two Tech staff members, assistant professor Sarah Asebedo and retired professor Deena Katz, helped Anthony develop the curriculum.

Planning with emotional intelligence, fundamentals of life-centered planning and communication and counseling skills are three courses that make up the graduate-level certificate, according to the release.

Vickie Hampton, the chair of PFP, said this curriculum is a valuable addition to the courses currently offered in CFP Board-registered financial planning programs, according to the release. The program is said to help those to succeed as a practitioner of life-centric financial advice.

PFP has 14 qualified faculty who are devoted to teaching personal finance and personal financial planning, according to the release. These instructors have a passion for providing financial literacy education to students across campus and teaching future generations of financial planning professionals.

The Financial Life Planning Institute is equipped with thousands of financial professionals around the world who have profiles, life-centric planning assessments and conversation frameworks for almost two decades, according to the release.

The Life Centered Financial Planning certificate can help to elevate planner to a professional who places the person as the most important aspect of their process, according to the release. Financial-planning practitioners will benefit from a deeper knowledge of key relationship-building and discovery skills by completing the certificate.

Katz said she thinks this certificate program focuses on the change in the industry, away from portfolios and toward people, according to the release. She is proud to be a part of this program and respects the education and opportunity coming out of it.

Course offerings begin this month and participants can take up to two courses at a time, according to the release. For more information, visit the certificate program’s website or contact Ashley Guillemette, program director of Department of Personal Financial Planning, College of Human Sciences.