“Best Books” For Financial Advisors – 2019 Edition

Originally posted at kitces.com , by Michael Kitces, on June 10, 2019.

For so many, the season of summer is a time of vacation and family trips, whether for some rest and relaxation or just to get away from the local heat. And the fact that clients tend to travel more during the summer means some slowdown in meetings and business activity as a financial advisor is almost inevitable. Which in turn frees up more of the advisor’s time to take a vacation of their own, or at least slow down and relax with family… and catch up on some good books.

The question, of course, is then to figure out “what’s a good book to read these days?” As a voracious reader myself, I’m always eager to hear suggestions from others of great books to read, whether it’s something new that’s just come out, or an “old classic” that I should go back and read (again or for the first time!). And so, in the spirit of sharing, a few years ago I launched my list of “Recommended (Book) Reading for Financial Advisors“, and it was so well received that in 2013 I also started sharing my annual “Summer Reading List” for financial advisors of the best books I’d read in the preceding year. It quickly became a perennial favorite on Nerd’s Eye View, and so I’ve updated it every year, with new lists of books in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and a fresh round last year in 2018.

And now, I’m now excited to share my latest 2019 Summer Reading list for financial advisors, with suggestions on books about everything from how to better execute a merger or acquisition (if that’s how you’re looking to grow!), build a better “story-based” sales process and your own story-brand (if that’s how you prefer to grow!), some books on practice management and how to run a better business, new perspectives on client psychology and decision-making, how to facilitate better financial health for your clients, and how to better instill your own habits for long-term self-improvement.

So as the summer season gets underway, I hope that you find this suggested summer reading list of books for financial planners to be helpful… and please do share your own suggestions in the comments at the end of the article about the best books you’ve read over the past year as well!