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On the heels of a Wall Street Journal article published July 11th entitled, “Your Retirement Goal is More than a Number,” financial advice column FinanceSpectrum.com stepped aside from their usual numbers-related advice. FinanceSpectrum.com urges readers to enjoy the journey of life rather than becoming consumed with reaching a specific numerical destination.

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 19, 2013 — Today, financial advice online column FinanceSpectrum.com moved away from their typical finance-related posts to impart philosophical wisdom on their readers who are gearing up for retirement. FinanceSpectrum.com wanted to remind consumers to enjoy life as a journey, rather than see retirement as a destination—particularly when it comes to building up a “safe” dollar number in their savings account.

FinanceSpectrum.com was inspired to spread the wealth of knowledge after reading a Wall Street Journal article published July 11th by Mitch Anthony. In his article, Anthony suggests that perhaps society needs to shift its thinking with regards to wealth and retirement. He stated that so many consumers these days come up with a monetary value that comprises their retirement goal, and feel as though they can’t retire until they hit it or they feel as though life will be complete, happy, and secure once that number is safely tucked away in their bank account. Anthony challenged readers to truly enjoy life as a journey rather than treating retirement as a destination.

In the above-mentioned Wall Street Journal article, Anthony is quoted as saying, “We all have a choice at this point. We can play king of the mountain and spend all our life energy on warding off would-be climbers, or we can move on with the realization that there is a myth: a weigh station, pit-stop or rest area where we gather our thoughts, take some instruction from the journey, unfold the map, and wonder about where tomorrow will bring us. There is anything but a permanent destination. If we choose to make it permanent, we will begin playing defense in life — and the decline from living to survival will begin.” He stated that consumers needn’t retire at age 65 simply because they think they’re supposed to, or to think of retirement as simply a monetary number tucked into a bank account, guaranteeing financial security.
The financial advice column could not agree more with Anthony’s philosophy. FinanceSpectrum.com is quoted as saying, “As negative as this might sound, the one thing we can all plan on as an absolute certainty at some point or another is passing away. With that in mind, that we will all pass away at some unknown time, doesn’t it seem absurd to fantasize about how happy we’ll be when we get this, or when we have this much money… because what if that never happens? We do not know when we are going to die. It’s so crucial to make each and every day count, and as important as it is to plan for the future, consumers need to be careful to not get consumed by their future happiness.”

FinanceSpectrum.com stated that it’s also not productive to live entirely in the moment and not plan for one’s future. FinanceSpectrum.com is quoted as saying, “We’re usually the ones giving advice to readers about how to save up a certain amount of money, or prepare financially for retirement. And we’re certainly not discounting any of that—it’s very important to plan for the future. But at the same time, we do feel that it’s crucial to our everyday contentment and fulfillment to enjoy each day and moment, and not put a destination on happiness.”