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Prepare Or Repair?

Originally posted at Financial Advisor , by Mitch Anthony. Given the choice of addressing either an effect or a cause, a strategic thinker would always prefer the latter. A person constantly putting out fires without understanding the [...]

Right Makes Might

Originally posted at Financial Advisor , by Mitch Anthony.“Let us have faith that right makes might; and in that faith, to that end, dare to do our duty, as we understand it.” —Abraham LincolnI certainly could not have [...]

Emotion-Driven Planning Will Accelerate Soon

Originally posted at Financial Advisor , by Mitch Anthony. Imagine the feelings that horse traders had 110 years ago upon hearing about the “horseless” carriage. Their sentiments had to range from incredulity (“How can you pull a [...]

Harsh Lessons In Modern Con Art

Originally posted at , by Mitch Anthony. As I sit down to write this article, I know it will likely be the most difficult composition of my writing career—difficult because it dredges up a miasma [...]

The Terms of Aging

"Financial Life Planning" column by Mitch Anthony at Financial Advisor magazine. Recently, The Economist published an intriguing editorial asking what we are going to call the older people lingering between “work and decrepitude,” an expanding demographic [...]

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